Lesson contents in December

【1】Short experience class for foreign tourist ...1 kind of "Nerikiri" Wagashi. 【SOLD OUT】

Koubai(Red ume blossom)
                        ...2 pieces
 1 to eat
 1 to go (with plastic container)

at the normal temperature...good till 2 days after.

[2] Standard class for foreign resident and Japanese

     ・・2 kinds of "Nerikiri" wagashi

Suehiro(Wide opened fan)...2 pieces


Haregi(Holiday Kimono sash belt)...2 pieces


at the normal temperature ...good till 2 days after. 

Plastic containers, box, and plastic bag to go.


Wagashi are fresh sweets.After you take back,please keep them at a cool place with no direct sunlight.

 If you don't eat soon, we recommend you to freeze "Nerikiri".You can eat in a good taste by defrosting from 2 to 3 hours before eating at the normal temperature.

After making Wagashi,we make Matcha green tea and eat one of Wagashi. Lecture and questions.

If you are a vegetarian or have any allergy, please check the ingredients. If you want to make without some ingredients, ask us on the email. We might change the recipe.


Suehiro...white kidney beans, sugar, starch syrup, shiratama rice powder, potato starch, azuki beans, food coloring(gardenia green and yellow...plant derived(incudes lactose and soybean), cochineal extract...insect derived), gold powder


Haregi... white kidney beans, sugar, starch syrup, shiratama rice powder, potato starch, sweetend chestnuts, food coloring(cochineal extract...insect derived), gold powder


Kobai...white kidney beans, sugar, starch syrup, azuki beans,  food coloring(cochineal extract...insect derived, gardeia yellow...plant derived (includes loctose and soybean)